Debra Danu Matthews is a London born artist now based in Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom whose works have been widely exhibited.

Her work is energised and fresh, capturing the energy and colour aura of her subject in her dynamic watercolour paintings. Going beyond the painting, Debra then processes and breaks down the image via various printing methods before slicing the printed images up and rebuilding into these captivating images.

‘My creative work, in my mind’s eye is discovered behind a door with a brass plaque offering "Collections & Lists". Inside this room, a myriad notebooks, photographs, objects, music, films and lists -forming the foundation of my exploration.

Through my art, I delve into the interplay between past and present, dissecting memories and reshaping them into various forms. Paintings are created in prints, photocopying and photographs are intentionally degraded and reconstructed-like a jigsaw, offering a new perspective on the original narrative.

I invite viewers to join me on a journey of rediscovery, where memories are enhanced, misrepresented, and made.’ - Artist Statement 2024